[Jan 24]--Everywhere You Look

Psalm 33

It’s pretty sad, but some of my brothers in Christ seem pretty pessimistic about the state of the world lately. They’re disillusioned with the political situation, and the church seems to be in pretty sad shape. We can’t seem to find any leaders—spiritual, political, or otherwise—upon which we can depend.

I can understand their frustration and pessimism, but I think we can regain a more balanced view from Scripture. Yes, the Bible takes a very dim view of human nature. The entire O.T. is a history of God's chosen people looking for new ways to disobey their Lord, and it records a lot more failure than success. But he's still good, and he’s still in charge of human affairs, along with everything else.

I remember reading this Psalm years ago, and one little phrase stood out like a beacon in vs. 5: “The earth is full of his unfailing love.” Remember that the Hebrew word translated as “unfailing love” is chesed, which is also rendered as “mercy” or “lovingkindness” (in the old King James Version). I was reading this Psalm, and this image struck me. When something is “full” of something, then that means it can’t take anything more. There’s no more room. The whole earth is filled to the brim with his love and mercy and grace. In it we live and breath and walk.

What are some ways that his chesed is manifested around us? Well, the rest of the Psalm gives us some suggestions. First off, we can know that his word is true, and he’s faithful in all he does. He says that he's forgiven all our sins and adopted us into his family. He says that he’s made us co-heirs with Christ. He says that he is with us always, even to the end of the age.

We can also see his unfailing love in his creation. Yes, we live in a fallen world that’s brutal at times. But we can also see his awe-inspiring wisdom and intimate care for us. We can look at the starry hosts in their dance above us, and know that same Designer knows what he’s doing in our lives.

We can also see it in his sovereign working out of history. It’s hard sometimes to see his hand at work in the present, but we can look back at how he’s “[foiled] the plans of the nations,” despite their awesome military might.

Finally, we can see from our personal testimony how our Father has cared for us. He’s delivered us from death and famine, and he’s caused our hearts to rejoice.

Again, the Bible declares that the earth is full--filled to the brim--of his unfailing love. It’s all around us, and we can see it if we only have eyes to look.

Father, you’ve been so good to me so far, and the best is yet to come. The whole world is full of your unfailing love, but you’ve especially showered me with it. Please help me to trust and obey.

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