[Jan 08]--Jesus in the Psalms: The Laughing God

Psalm 2

Have you ever wanted to be a “fly on the wall,” a secret observer in a famous conversation? I know I have, and I have one specifically in mind. Read Luke 24:36-49. Jesus appeared to his disciples, suddenly in the midst of them behind locked doors. Notice what he said to them after eating the fish? “This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms." Then he proceeded to explain to them what he meant. Like I said, wouldn’t you like to hear that little Bible lesson!

But the point I’d like to make is this: When you read the book of Psalms, Jesus is there. Every word of Scripture is there to point us to Christ, one way or another. Yes, there are other lessons to find in the Psalms, but if you’ve missed Christ, you’ve missed the main purpose. So for the next few days, we’re going to examine some Psalms which clearly teach us some things about our Savior.

Today’s Psalm is one of the most quoted in the New Testament, so I think it’s pretty important. It starts out with the nations of the world, all the forces which are opposed to the Lord and his purposes. They're conspiring, they're plotting, and they're about ready to put their foul plans into motion. Notice that the nations, which tend to be at each other’s throats, are perfectly happy to work together in the common purpose of thwarting and overthrowing the Almighty. And if you don't immediately see the sad and funny irony of puny nations planning together to overthrow the Lord of the Universe, please look at it again.

And notice their ultimate purpose. They hate the Lord, and this hatred is expressed in their reaction to his “Anointed One,” his representative on earth. The Hebrew word is Messiah, and it’s a pretty rich term. Anointing was an official way of appointing someone to office. The closest rough equivalent would be having a politician take an oath of office by swearing on a Bible. Both kings and priests were anointed when God called them into his service. But of course the ultimate fulfillment of this was when our Savior came, Jesus the Anointed One (“Christ”).

And what’s God’s response to their schemes? Is he up on his throne, wringing his hands, muttering to himself “Oh no! What’ll I do now? I guess I’ll have to come up with Plan B!!!”? Um, no. He’s laughing. Why? For two reasons. The first is the most obvious one—He’s Almighty God. He’s all-powerful and all-knowing. So it’s pretty much a deal-breaker right off the bat. But there’s another reason, which I think actually is a little funny when you examine it. They were planning to wreck the Lord's plan for bringing his Anointed One into power. And what’s his response? “Hahahahaha! Too late! I’ve already done it! He’s already installed! On his throne!

And then we have the words of the Anointed One. He proclaims that His Father has publicly exhibited him as his Son, and as his Son he’s coming into an inheritance. What’s the inheritance? Everything. My friend, there is not a single spot of dirt, not a single molecule in this universe that's not claimed by the Lord Jesus Christ. As Abraham Kuyper put it, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” 

And that includes you and me. We're the “nations” which the Father has given to his Son. Jesus proclaimed his Kingdom for three years, then inaugurated it through his death and resurrection, and then returned to his Father’s side to a hero’s welcome. Now he reigns from heaven, but he’ll return one day to make his Kingdom visible to all. All the opposition to him will be smashed once and for all, like a clay pot thrown to the ground. And he’ll reign over everything and everyone. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

So what should our reaction be? One word neatly sums it up: Surrender. Raise the white flag. Throw yourself on his mercy. Now. Not when he returns in power and glory. Now. “Kiss his Son” in submission and pledge your loyalty to him, while there’s still time.

And for us who've surrendered to him already, there’s a wonderful blessing. We who've placed our faith in him and have turned from our sin and rebellion have taken refuge in him, and we’ll never be disappointed, not in the end.

So how have you responded to the Gospel according to David? Have you submitted to the Son? Have you placed your faith and trust in him? Have you taken refuge in him? If you haven't, or aren't sure if you have, please read this. And if you have, are you acting like it?

Lord Jesus, words are so inadequate to describe you. Whatever I am and whatever I have belongs to you. Whatever remains in me of rebellion and resistance, please smash it like a clay pot. Whatever it takes.

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