[Oct 06]--Angels and Demons: Unseen Source of Strength

Daniel 10:15-21

We’ve seen how angels serve us, most of the time without our having any idea that it’s happening. They surround us and protect us against threats on both the spiritual and physical realm. There’s a precedent of them protecting us from temptations that we can’t handle, or to keep us from falling even further than we already have. Do they do that today in modern times, or was that something they did back then? Well, I don’t see any reason why it would've ceased, since nothing has changed about human nature or the spiritual realm since the time of the apostles. But we have no way of knowing how often they do it today. If an angel was helping you, you'd probably never know it.

Today’s the last day we’re going to talk about their tasks, but before we do, I’d like to spend just a little time on their nature. They’re spiritual beings, and thus don’t have physical bodies like we do. They don’t undergo physical death like we do, and so we can assume that once they were created, they will never cease to exist (just like we won’t). They don’t marry and thus don’t breed. Presumably they have access to information about what goes on behind the scenes that we don’t and never will (this side of glory). They’re completely without sin, since they made the right choice at the beginning. And of course they’re immensely more powerful than we are or could ever dream of.

So let’s look at today’s passage. Daniel—as typical in angelic encounters—was overwhelmed by the presence and words of this being in front of him. He fell and found himself completely incapacitated (shock maybe?). The angel touched his lips, and he was able to speak somewhat. Then the angel touched his body, and he was able to move a little more. Then finally the angel’s words—somehow—gave him the strength to continue the conversation.

Now friend, I don’t know how all this works. All I know about angels and demons is what the Bible tells me. And somehow and in some way the angel touched the man and transferred strength/energy into his body. I also believe—though the Scripture isn’t totally clear—that something like this also happened at the end of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness and in the Garden just before his arrest.

Again, do angels do this today? Again I have to come back to the same conclusion that there’s no reason to think not. And once again I have to remind you that most of the time in human history they work among us undetected.

But I do have to testify that there have been more than a few times when I was really discouraged and felt like I was at the end of my rope. I called out to my Father, and suddenly I felt like I had new strength and determination to keep going. It’s just as likely that this was the "Comforter" working within me, but it could've also been an unseen servant like we read about here.

But even if I’m totally wrong and that’s not the case, this is a good reminder that our Savior said that he was not leaving us as orphans in the world. He’s always with us in the Person of the Holy Spirit. And don’t forget that in this world he usually acts through his Body. Yes, that’s the Church. When a brother or sister gives you a hug during bad times and tells you that everything’s going to be OK, that’s Jesus using his Body to embrace you and give you strength. By whatever means he deems best, he always sends his angels—whether human or not—to be conduits of his love and grace. Don’t miss them, and always be grateful.

Lord Jesus, you ALWAYS give me what I need. Whether it’s a swift kick in the rear or a warm embrace, you supply all my needs. Thank you.

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