[March 24]--SEX!!!! Now that I’ve Got Your Attention. . . (Part Two)

Prov. 6:25-29

Yesterday’s devotional could be summed up in six words: “Just say no to sexual immorality!” It’s dangerous and it’s wrong to step outside of God’s plan for sexual expression. Just so we’re clear on this, we’re talking celibacy until marriage (between a man and woman, in case there’s any confusion), and then faithfulness to your spouse until death. Now, I was born on a Monday but not last Monday. I know that the vast majority of everyone who reads this has fallen short of that standard. If you want to count “mental adultery” (like what Jesus describes in Matt. 5:27-28), then there’s not a guy who reads this who can claim to be sinless in this area. But in this day and in the pumped-up oversexualized culture in which we live, it’s pretty clear that a believer who tries to stick to God’s plan is facing an uphill struggle.

But Proverbs is a practical book, not some “pie-in-the-sky” theory on how people ought to act. So it shouldn’t surprise us to see that he’s also given us some tips on how to avoid the worst of this.

First, you’ve got to realize where the battle begins and ends: In your thought life. Solomon warns us not to “lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes.” And guys? Read vs. 26 and think about the model on the website you’ve been viewing. Is she engaging in sexual behavior for money? Then do you think that the attitude of the prostitute in vs. 26 applies here? She doesn't care about you! She only cares about your money! 

Second you’ve got to learn the “butter” principle (vss. 27-29). You know that one? “If your head’s made of butter, don’t stand next to the fire.” Do whatever you need to do to stay away from stuff that you need to avoid. Yes, whatever it takes.

Third, channel the urges in a positive direction. Your Creator gave you these desires for a reason. If you’re married, then read 5:15-23. This is his anti-adultery plan. I mentioned this last year, but it bears repeating: God is pro-sex, and the Bible is pro-sex. One of the main reasons why the Lord is so much against sexual immorality is because he loves marriage and hates to see the damage that this mess does to people and to marriages.

Now, what about singles? I know it’s rough. I’ve been there. I’ve been single for more of my life than I’ve been married, so I know how tough it is to stick to his plan. My friend, I was in the U. S. Army for six years, so I know what I’m talking about. All I can tell you is this: There's never been one person in all human history who followed God’s instructions who regretted it in the end. And the converse is true also: There has never been a person in history who didn’t follow his instructions who didn’t ending up regretting it. If God desires for you to get married (and I believe that’s his will for most people), then commit yourself to doing things his way, wait for his timing, and trust him to do what’s right.

And for all of us who are burdened by guilt from things done in the past, please remember this. The day that’s most important is today. Commit yourself that you’re going to do things God’s way starting today. Start depending on his grace to forgive and to change you. Prov. 28:13? Still in effect.

Father God, thank you for caring about us so much. Thank you for the mercy and grace we find in your Son. Starting today, we’ll do things your way.

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