[July 03]--2 Names

Matt. 1:20-23

I know that this is the same passage as yesterday’s but I thought it would be worth it to look at two names for our Lord which are mentioned here. One deals with his office, and the other deals with his nature.

The first is Jesus. I know that this is the most common name for him, but have you ever taken a moment to think about it? It’s the same name as Joshua, literally “God saves,” or as I like to put it “God to the rescue.” But what did he come to save us from? Simple answer: “He will save his people from their sins.” We’ve had lots of good teachers, and we’ve had lots of figures who tried to point the way to God. But friend, there’s no one in all recorded history who can claim that he can save you from your sins. Moses didn’t. Buddha didn’t. Mohammed didn’t. But Jesus made the claim, and he did it. Other people can provide good instruction, or a good example. What I need is a Savior.

The second is Immanuel, literally “God with us.” The wonder of this name is that we have the mystery of the Incarnation wrapped up in one phrase. Let’s take it apart. He’s God, and always has been and always will be. He co-created the world, and was in his very nature God. But at the same time he's God with us. The eternal wrapped itself in human flesh. Everything that we experience in this life, except sin, he has gone through himself: hunger, thirst, tiredness, frustration, betrayal, pain, tears. We’ll delve a little more into the mystery of the Incarnation around Christmastime, but for now let’s meditate on that glorious promise bound up in that beautiful name: Immanuel.

What does this mean to you, today? If you’re a believer, if you’ve placed your trust in Christ, then he’s God with you as well. He’s the Almighty Lord over the universe, but he’s also your closest friend, as close as your heartbeat, as close as the breath on your lips. He's transcendent and immanent. He's here, now. Can you hear him?

Lord Jesus, thank you for saving me from my sins. I know what that cost you. You truly are God with us, everything that we could ever possibly need.

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