[June 29]--God’s Solution Part Two

Rev. 20:11-15

Yesterday we talked about phase one of God’s solution to all the evil in the world, and today we come to phase two. One of the hardest things to accept is that in this world bad people tend to get away with bad things. For every murderer who gets the death penalty, thousands more never get pulled into a court. One of the terrible things about war is that it commonly gets used as a cover for atrocities: rape, murder, theft, and wholesale destruction of innocent peoples’ property. Dictators--who've ruled their nations with an iron fist and routinely violated the basic human rights of their citizens—die peacefully in their beds after a lifetime of indulging their own appetites. Probably the most famous of these-Adolf Hitler-committed suicide just as he was about to be captured.

But have they really gotten away with anything? No. There's Someone who sees everything, knows everything, and is recording everything. And whatever these men thought they were getting away with, they weren’t. And one day, they'll get exactly what they deserve. There will be perfect justice.

But here’s the hard part. Everyone would agree that evil men like Hitler ought to be roasting in hell for eternity, but what about “nice” people? What about that nice Hindu doctor who examines me every six months? What about that nice Muslim with whom I do business on a regular basis? What about that nice Jewish guy that I listen to on the radio? They aren’t going to hell, are they?

Regrettably, God’s standard is not “better than Hitler.” His standard is perfection. His standard is his Son. That’s why as you read today’s passage, everyone whose name was not found in the Lamb’s book of Life was thrown into the Lake of Fire. The “books” were opened, everyone’s life was examined thoroughly, and then they got exactly what they deserved.

This isn't a pleasant prospect, especially when we think about nice people whom we know. But it doesn’t help anyone to candy-coat the truth. You wouldn’t want to go to a doctor and have him tell you what you’d like to hear, right? We’d suspend the license of a doctor who did that, but people get offended when they’re told what the Bible says.

God does have a solution to the world’s sin. He sent his Son to die a horrible death in our place, to take the punishment which we deserve. The second part of his solution is to record everything humanity has ever done, and give everyone what they deserve on Judgment Day. We’ll look at phase three tomorrow.

In the meantime, what about me as a Christian? Do I really believe this? If so, are there any lost people in my circle of family or friends who don't know the truth? Have I shared with them? Have I prayed for them?

Lord Jesus, you've loved me so much. Help me to share that love with people around me. May everything I do and say draw them towards you, not away. Please.

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